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The friendly people in the pictures are not actors or robots that fix cellphones. We are a team of dedicated individuals with a passion for repairing your favorite gadgets. We are also pretty good at it.


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Fix ‘n repair is a Boston-based Home Services Company that offers cell phone repair, tablet repair, computer repair, TV Mounting services at your location. 


Fix ‘N Repair Understands The Importance Of Having Your Device On Hand, And Understands The Stress That Comes From Being Without Your Most Trusted Device. Because Of This, We Go The Extra Mile To Make Sure That Our Customers Have The Best, Most Reliable Experiences, Ensuring They Feel Comfortable Coming Back Time And Time Again For Our High-Quality Services.


Enjoy the comfort Fix ‘N Repair offer. Get your electronics fixed without leaving your house.


We at Fix ‘N Repair are big fans of gadgets and techy devices. We’re the folks waiting in line for the newest smartphones or gaming consoles. We are experts in all things technical.


Fix ‘N Repair specializes in electronics repair — it’s in our name, after all. From phone drops in the parking lot to tablet spotting in the toilet, we have seen it all. We understand how traumatizing it can be to break one of your favorite devices, and we want you to feel better the minute you contact us

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If you have an iPhone or an iPad that has been damaged, you should contact Fix ‘N Repair. Instant quotes are given by Fix ‘N Repair technicians as soon as you contact us. If you decide to move forward with us, we arrange a time and place that is convenient for you, no matter if it’s at your home, at a coffee shop, at the office, or anywhere else. We come to your location, pick your phone up, and have it repaired in the service car. An iPhone repair takes approximately 20-30 minutes. As soon as the repair is complete, we let you know and bring it to you.


For other repairs such as iPad repair, laptop repair, game console repair, we provide FREE pick up & drop off (mostly on the same day). Enjoy the comfort Fix ‘N Repair offer, Get your device fixed without leaving your house!

We come to you at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
We PROVIDE A WARRANTY on almost every repair and replacement part.
We are always here to answer all your questions and concerns.
We have a good work ethic.
We do everything we can to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
Whether it’s the quality of the parts, quality of workmanship, overall Fix ‘N Repair experience, we always strive to be at the top of our class!

Fix ‘N Repair is a Boston based repair services provider that offers quality electronics repair and installation services at your location.

There are many ways to contact Fix N Repair :
You can call us at (857) 302 26 55
You can shoot an email us at hello@fixnrepair.org
You can chat with us using the chat widget on the website.