Boston Best iPhone Repair Services

Boston is divided between two types of people: the ones who smashed their phones screens during the holiday season and the ones who didn’t.


Ignore that smug second lot. It’s 2021, time to forgive yourself and to resolve that you will not break your phone in the future despite letting your iNsuron insurance lapse last year.

The greatest protection for a smartphone is a heavyweight rubberized case that would likely survive even a plummet from the Shard (NB: don’t try this).

Tech21 not only has covers for almost every smartphone out there, but their three-layer design uses patented FlexShock material and can protect phones from even the most butter-fingered owner. You can easily drop them from two meters away and they won’t even scratch.

Even better, the armor is incredibly light and thin, and very attractive to boot: The new Evo Gem series comes in jewel-patterned pastel colors, and the limited edition Evo Elite produced for Chinese New Year has a lovely Pop-Art pattern.

If you’re in search of full-on Rambo protection, Griffin Survivor has military-grade cases that can survive a three-meter fall. For that moment when you’re texting on the loo, and then you drop your phone, you can seal the flaps over the lightning cable and ports, increasing water protection. If the All-Terrain is too much for you, there is also the latest Griffin case called the Clear Wallet, which lets you showcase the iPhone X while still providing the maximum level of protection.

According to Sod’s Law, if you remove your hard shell phone case, it will spontaneously fall onto the cold, hard ground in a bathroom. Dread overshadows you as you slowly bend in slow motion, praying for a miracle and then you find that your precious screen has been fragmented into shards of glass that are willing to scratch your fingers.