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Brookline TV Mounting Service

One of the most popular appliances in the home provides entertainment and information. Watching the news, a cricket match or your favorite show can be very relaxing after a hard day at work. When you recently purchased (or already own) a television and wanted to wall-mount it, you can save floor space that would have otherwise been occupied by a TV stand.


Our installations include most major TV brands, from the most popular Plasmas to the most lightweight LEDs, and include LCDs, LEDs, OLEDs, HDTVs, Curved TVs, and even 3D TVs. Several factors need to be considered when mounting or installing an LED or LCD TV. These factors include the location of the TV, the distance from the ground, as well as the angle at which the TV is viewed. The installation of LCD and LED TVs can be completed within a few hours.


Our mounting and installation services cover a wide range of TV makes and models, such as Plasma, LED, LCD, OLED, HDTV, Flat Screen, Curved, and even 3D TVs. Our Techs are capable of mounting heavy TVs on mounting brackets and they have the necessary tools. Additionally, they know how to work with various types of walls. You will spend a lot of money if you do it yourself…so let our pros handle it!

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Brookline TV Mounting  Service   takes approximately 2-3 hours time  to complete the installation . TV Mounting Services  Brookline MA is a door step service . Regardless of where you are located in Brookline , we will come to you and  mount your TV.

We install all major brands and models

TV installation services are offered for all major brands and models, including LEDTVs, LCD TVs, OLED TVs, HDTVs, Flat Screens, Curved TVs, and 3DTVs.

Our professional TV mounting service is just a phone call away

If that’s what you’re looking for, we have everything you need or can install whatever you already have. Our specialty is home theaters and home entertainment systems.

We can provide the best experience for any room within any budget

The process requires knowledge of electronics, HD systems, and Dolby Digital sound systems; you also need to understand viewing angles and distances, contrast ratios, and how to make sure that all your components operate from a single remote control.

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Most homeowners will pay around $200 for a professional installation of a 40″ tilting TV mount. The average cost of a TV mount is between $100 and $300.

Mounting your television as opposed to having it on a stand is a great way to save space. This is especially important for apartment dwellers who never had the luxury of space to purchase an individual entertainment center.

Professional installers know the n TV mount installation process inside and out, which means they can install the mounting system quickly and correctly so you’re ready for movie night.