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If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the field of electronics repair, come see what Fix ‘N Repair has to offer you. We offer competitive wages with benefits such as paid vacation time and sick leave. All qualified applicants will be considered!

Cell Phone Repair Technician Boston MA
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iPhone Repair Technician
Job Boston MA

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Electronics Repair Tech Jobs in Boston MA

We are seeking cell phone repair technicians in the Boston area. You will be provided with tools and parts.

Do you know how many people are struggling with their broken cell phones? What about all the businesses that need repairs? You can help them! You’ll be paid for fixing mobile phones, receive tools/inventory, have some freedom, and be able to work several days per week at your own pace.

Apply now for this awesome opportunity as a cell phone repair technician. This is an awesome gig with flexible hours, paid on a per-job basis, so you can choose how many days per week you want to work.

Apply today – show up tomorrow 🙂

Responsibilities :

✓ Provide excellent customer service
✓ Respond to telephone calls
✓ Diagnose and repair damaged phones, tablets, laptops


✓ Knowledge and skills in cellphone repairs & laptops including iPhone and Android phones required

✓ Other various computer repair and/or networking skills are a plus but not required

✓ Timely arrival at work is a must
✓ Must have a car and a valid driving license

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Phone Repair Tech Position

What's the average salary of cell phone repair tech in Massachusetts?

Career prospects are strong for those looking for cell phone repair tech jobs in Massachusetts. The average salary ranges from $30,000 to $75,000 per year.

The salary range is wide due to the varying skills and responsibilities of these techs. There are some who receive on-site repairs while others work in a manufacturer’s distribution center.

What are the different types of jobs that a cell phone repair technician can do?

A cell phone repair technician performs repairs that are not covered by the warranty. They can fix broken screens, replace batteries, and do any other type of repair that is requested.

There are many different types of jobs a cell phone repair technician can do. They are skilled with many different types of repairs including fixing broken screens, replacing batteries, and any other types of repairs the customer requests.

How does one become a cell phone repair technician?

Cell phone repair technicians provide mobile device repairs and services to clients. They also work with mobile devices and their components. It is important that you have experience working with different mobile devices and know how to fix them. Some fundamental skills such as soldering, de-soldering, and using specialized tools like heat guns are essential for this job.

A cell phone repair technician uses a variety of tools such as heat guns, solder, de-solder tool, tweezers, screwdrivers etc., to fix the device. They can also determine if the issue with the device is software or hardware related and accordingly take steps to resolve it.

What are the job requirements for a cell phone repair technician?

There are many job requirements for a cell phone repair technician, but the most common ones are listed here.
– An interest in technology
– Basic knowledge of electronics
– Knowledge in how to use household tools
– Excellent eye hand coordination

What are the basic qualifications for in-store tech positions?

As online orders are becoming more popular, retail stores need to find new ways to keep up with the demands of consumers. One way is to take advantage of the advancements in technology and provide more services in-store. This will allow consumers to experience an easier shopping process while still being able to speak to a human when they need it. However, this change does not come without challenges. This section discusses some of the basic qualifications that store managers should look for in prospective employees for these positions.
The first qualification is that any potential candidate should be knowledgeable about how computers work and have some experience working with them. The second qualification is that they must be comfortable interacting with customers who are looking for help or trying out products themselves in-store either at the physical store or through remote customer service tools like email

What are the responsibilities of an in-store tech position?

There is a wide range of in-store tech positions, and the responsibilities of each position vary greatly. Some positions’ duties include:

-Solving customer queries

-Explaining products to customers

-Maintaining product stock and pricing information

-Providing technical assistance and demonstrations of products