The 5 Best Selfie Apps

Did you know that the first selfie was taken nearly 200 years ago?


While the first selfie was captured long ago, the selfie didn’t truly take off until the advent of front-facing cell phone cameras in the early 2000s.


According to Google, Android users alone snapped 93 million selfies each day in 2014. It has been 7 years since the selfie self-portrait took the world by storm, and there is no sign of it slowing down anytime soon.


Take your selfies to a new level on National Selfie Day by giving them a new style. Here are some of our favorite apps and top tips to help! With these fun photo apps, you can apply a cool filter, blur wrinkles, or even change the color of your eyes.


Check out the Apps That Will Spice Up Your Selfies!


Check out FaceTune 2!
When it comes to flawless facial features, you can’t go wrong with the app Facetune2*. It’s ranked number one among top-selfie connoisseurs! You can smooth out blemishes and add a sun-kissed glow with Facetune 2!


Check out MixCam!
Did you ever struggle to get a photo that includes not only you but what you’re doing as well? Sometimes it can be impossible. Check out the app MixCam* if you want an app to capture not only what you’re seeing, but also who you are. Take photos with both your front and back cameras at the same time with MixCam! Next time you go on a hike and want to capture both you and that beautiful view, be sure to use MixCam.


Frustrated by the presets on Instagram? Perhaps the VSCO* app is the answer you are looking for. If you’re a fan of filters, you’ll love this app. Using over 200 presets, you’ll never again take boring selfies! You can also create truly amazing selfies with its in-app camera and photo editor.


Over 100k reviews have been left for the YouCam* app on Google Play and the App Store. As well as having traditional photo editing elements, YouCam has some really unique features. Have you ever had your perfect selfie ruined by someone else? Don’t worry; YouCam actually allows you to remove objects from your photos. Additionally, you can add effects and use the unique templates right within the app. There are no more moving photos from app to app to get that perfect post, YouCam does it all!


Perfect 365
Want to shock your followers with an amazing hair or make-up transformation, without the commitment? Or maybe you just want to see a new look on yourself? The app Perfect 365© is one-of-a-kind, in that it easily allows you to play around with your look! Always wondered what you’d look like with purple hair? Try it out first on Perfect 365!


Not looking for a new app?
Instead, read these helpful tips to take your selfies to the next level.


Here are three tips!

1. Choose the right lighting
The right lighting is absolutely essential to a great selfie or any photo for that matter. To take striking sun-kissed selfies inside or outside during golden hours, use a ring light.


2. Think about your background
A unique background can always make an otherwise ordinary selfie stand out from the rest. Before snapping that self-portrait, look around to see if you can find an unconventional backdrop to draw in the eye. Great options for this are things including an eye-catching landscape, a quirky graffiti wall, or an unusual landmark.


3. Try out different angles & poses
Remember Myspace angles? Okay, while those ultra-high, awkward shots might not be “in” anymore, angling your photos correctly can make a world of difference in the quality of your selfie. It is widely agreed that the 45° angle is the most flattering for selfies – so try bringing that camera down just a bit.


We hope this list helps you add a little bit of app magic to step up your selfie game!

Whether you wind up taking a pic at the golden hour, a shot at the salon, or sticking to the classics, Fix ‘N Repair wishes you a fantastic National Selfie Day. Happy Snapping!