Whether it’s a cracked screen or a damaged charging port, nobody likes being without a functioning iPad. Many of us use our devices for so much more than checking emails and taking photos, and a damaged device can slow your productivity to a halt. When our devices become damaged, most of us want them fixed immediately.

Getting your iPad repaired in Boston can be fast and easy, depending what type of repairs are needed.Repair shops like Fix N Repair offer same-day or drop-off services, and accept multiple forms of payment. They offer a variety of services, and are worth a look before you jump to replace a device that you think can’t be fixed. 


Cracked Screens

Whether it’s a spiderweb of cracks across the face of your device or a chip in the glass that you just know is going to spread, damaged screens are more than just distracting; they can put your device at risk for further damage in the future. But a cracked iPad screen doesn’t mean you have to replace your device completely; in fact, this is one of the most common iPad repairs, and one of the fastest and easiest to fix. 

A shattered screen is annoying, and easy to recognize. But what many people don’t realize is that there are actually layers of glass on an iPad screen, and it takes a professional to properly replace that layered glass. Choosing a reputable repair technician will make sure that your new screen is not only properly installed, but that the sensitive touchscreens in these devices are properly calibrated and responsive as a result.

Damaged Charging Ports

We’ve all had a device that requires the twisting, turning or angling of a charger in just the right way in order for it to charge. This is often a result of damage to the iPad’s charging port, especially if the device is fairly new. Damage to the port can happen for a variety of reasons, but often happens as the result of dust, crumbs, water damage or even over-use. 

Sometimes charging ports are partially usable (remember the twisted charging cable). Nonetheless, it is best to address the issue as soon as it comes up. This, again, can prevent further damage, and will certainly help save you the cost of yet another mangled iPad charger!


Battery Replacement

Sometimes charging issues can be attributed to a faulty battery, especially if the iPad stops holding a charge at all. iPad batteries are like any other battery, in that they can simply maximize their lifecycle over time due to regular use, and will eventually not be able to hold a charge any longer. Battery replacement is a straight-forward and affordable fix for the iPad that can no longer be recharged. 


LCD and Digitizer Replacement

The “digitizer” of your iPad is the component that allows your touch to operate the device. It is commonly referred to as the touchscreen. Malfunctions with this component can be frustrating, especially when your iPad is otherwise functioning normally. If you notice that your iPad is working normally except that parts of the screen are unresponsive, it might be time to replace the digitizer. 

Similarly, the LCD is another component of the iPad screen that displays all of the images you see on your iPad. Damage to the LCD can be as dramatic as your iPad’s screen going completely dark, or could look like broken images on the screen. If you notice any irregularities in the images you are viewing on your screen (ie: discolored lines, image skipping, etc.) you might need to replace your LCD. This is another repair that can be completed quickly and easily by the right technician.


Fix N Repair Boston 

Fix N Repair is a highly rated repair business in Boston that can provide all of the repair services your device might need. Many people make the mistake of replacing devices that are worn or need repairs, when they might still have years of use left in them. Fix N Repair will give you a free consultation for your iPad’s repair, and is also offering pick-up and drop-off services. We offer these services with no additional fees to the customer, so you pay only for the repair service.

Many repairs are completed within a day, with some being completed in as little as thirty minutes. You pay only after your device is repaired and returned, and they offer a 90-day technical warranty on their repairs. You won’t need to sacrifice high quality service either, as our technicians have years of experience in repairing and refurbishing iPads and other devices. Our reasonable rates make us the obvious alternative to big box electronics stores that charge more and don’t come to you.

For consultations and to arrange a pickup, reach out to us today.