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Your iPad has a cracked screen, you have to hold your charging cable at a weird angle to get it to charge properly, and your battery just won’t stay full unless it is plugged in, and you are probably thinking about just giving in and buying a new iPad. Well, we’re here to tell you: don’t!


How much do you enjoy seeing a new gadget on the shelves? And especially a new gizm from the Apple brand. The iPad is one such device from the apple family that is bought by the masses at large for its unique features, style, and hassle-free usability. But even a premium product needs premium service after getting damaged. 


Fix’N Repair is an exclusive iPad repair service committed to providing supreme quality service at the best rates. Having trouble with your iPad? Or does your screen look cracked? No matter the issues you face with your iPad, Fix’N Repair delivers the best iPad repair service.


Whether it’s a cracked screen, damaged battery, charging problem, audio issue, or any other glitch, Fix’N Repair will repair it for you. Our skilled workers have years of experience, and will thoroughly check out your iPad and provide you with an A-grade repair service. 


As we mentioned above, our company strongly believes that nothing can be more important than providing our customers with the best results in the shortest possible time frame and at pocket-friendly rates. Our commitment to time and priority of customer satisfaction is what makes us the best iPad repair shop in town.


Considering the budget and spondulicks of our customers, we always make sure that the process is optimized as much as possible. We strive to offer the best pricing for iPad repair service, so you can enjoy the finest product at the lowest price.


Our customers put a lot of hard work into our products, and we recognize that. Therefore, we take the quality of the product very seriously and will not compromise at any cost. 


We will only use genuine parts in the process of repairing your product, resulting in the guarantee period remaining intact. When you give us your product, you can do other important things in your day and let us take care of ours.


Our reliability is defined by our steadfast commitment to keeping our customers in the loop when it comes to all the costs associated with providing them the best service. We offer the best prices for all phone repairs. We endeavour to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. 


The reality is that Fix’N Repair is committed to exceeding our clients’ end expectations with the most professional service in the industry, which is backed by our experts and skilled workers. They have been trained to be customer-friendly.


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Many people believe they should repair or replace their electronic equipment as soon as it becomes damaged or worn, when in fact their equipment can still be effectively used for years to come. Buying new electronics each time a small problem occurs on your original is not only unnecessary, but it is also bad for the environment, and there are better ways to address broken electronics. 

We bring our iPad repairs right to your door so you can keep using your device without disturbing your day at Fix ‘N Repair.

Experts in iPAD Screen Replacement

Our customers contact us for help with their iPads for many different reasons since we have some of the best technicians in the Boston area. Our technicians have extensive experience repairing and refurbishing iPads and other electronic devices and are capable of diagnosing a wide variety of problems quickly. 


We guarantee that your iPad will run as good as new when you have it repaired by Fix ‘N Repair. Offering quick and convenient electronic repair services at competitive prices, we are a leading electronics repair service in the Boston area. We provide the following services:

IPad Screen Repair & Replacement

Cracks in a glass panel can lead to poor touch screen performance. Additionally, the iPad features multiple layers. If only one of these layers is damaged, it might have an adverse effect on the way you interact with the device. We are able to replace any part of your screen with ease.


Most of our repair work relates to screens since iPads and other smart devices often have glass screens. Screens can be damaged in a number of ways and the glass can break if the device is dropped, crushed, sat on, run over, etc. Most people know that the screen of a shattered iPad can be replaced, but did you know that multiple layers are in the screen that can be damaged? 


Fix ‘N Repair specializes in both external and internal touchscreen screen repairs. Our experienced technicians are able to repair any screen malfunction or damage, and we do so at an affordable price and quickly. 

IPad Battery Replacement

In spite of the fact that the battery on your iPad is rechargeable, it will not live forever. There are many reasons why iPad batteries may fail, either due to damage or as a result of regular wear and tear. Batteries can also be exhausted at some point, meaning they no longer have power and must be discarded. All of these cases will require the replacement of the iPad battery. Our team can quickly replace your damaged or no longer working iPad battery so your tablet can be used without worry. 

If your iPad is experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time to replace its battery.

your iPad’s battery is draining faster than it used to.
the battery is no longer charging
sudden fluctuations in the battery charge

Fortunately, we can repair your iPad at an unbeatable price!

IPad LCD Replacement

The final layer of your iPad’s screen is the LCD, which is the layer that displays the image that appears on your screen. Every word, image, or video you see on your iPad is displayed by the LCD, and the device is essentially useless without it. Damage to the LCD can result in broken images, losing part of your screen, or the entire device going completely dark. 

Unfortunately, lots of people mistakenly throw their devices away when the screen stops working, believing that it is beyond repair or that it will be less expensive to simply replace it with a new iPad. In truth, fixing a damaged or broken LCD can be done in just a few hours, and can have your iPad back up and running as if it were new

IPad Charging Port Repair

If your iPad no longer charges but the problem isn’t with the battery, your charging port is likely to be the cause. There is a combination of factors that can cause the charging port of your iPad to malfunction, including dislodged parts, crumbs, dust, water damage, rust, and overuse. All of these factors can cause the device to be difficult to charge. Some damaged charging ports may still be partly usable, but this is no reason to wait until later to make the repair. If you find yourself being forced to hold your charger in a particular position in order to ensure that your charging port works, it’s time to call Fix ‘N Repair.

IPad Digitizer Replacement

The touchscreen is also commonly referred to as the digitizer, and is the component of the screen that sits below the glass layer and actually senses your touch in order for you to operate the iPad. When the digitizer becomes damaged, your iPad may no longer respond to touch, or may become glitchy when you try to use the device. You can easily identify a problem with your iPad’s digitizer when you can no longer use parts of your screen, or when the device becomes unresponsive even when turned on and otherwise totally functioning. 

Like replacing a broken glass panel, our team of techs can easily replace your iPad’s digitizer to return the device to full working condition. Even small glitches in your digitizer can make it near impossible to use your iPad, so regardless of how minimal or extensive the damage is, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance.

Other iPad Fix Services

Along with our iPad repair services, the team at Fix ‘N Repair is able to repair a variety of devices, like iPhones from virtually any generation. We understand the importance of having your devices accessible and in working condition, and also understand the anxiety and stress that your devices being broken can cause. We’re in the business of alleviating our customers’ anxieties, and provide efficient and affordable solutions to keep your life and your devices running smoothly.

Don't see a repair service you need?

Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

You can certainly bring your iPad back to the Apple store for repairs, but even if you bought the extra insurance, you can end up leaving having spent quite a lot more than you initially expected to. Big box retailers and major electronics repair companies charge an arm and a leg for their services, and they are able to do so because their customers don’t realize that there are better options out there. 


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Larger repair providers hike up their prices and often persuade their customers to forgo the repairs entirely in favor of purchasing a new (and expensive) device. Upselling, convincing customers to pay for add ons and extras, and complicated damage converges policies might be worth it if the job well, but many people find themselves feeling so frustrated with their experience that they don’t bother having devices ever repaired again. 


Luckily, there is a better way to take care of your electronics, and it’s way more affordable, too! Rather than traveling out of your way to get to your nearest Apple store, reach out to Fix ‘N Repair and we’ll come to you to assess and repair your broken iPad for a fraction of the price. We want our customers to feel fully satisfied with our services, and strive to not only provide excellent technical support but excellent customer service as well. 


Our dedicated team of certified technicians is more than just a group of excellent repair people and are committed professionals working to making every customer’s experience with Fix ‘N Repair a high-quality one. When you request our services, we arrive at your door promptly and work diligently from the moment you hand over your device until the moment it is returned to your hands. Our team is professional, efficient, and skilled, and we’re so confident that you’ll be happy with our service that we offer a 90-day warranty on all our work.


Finally, when it comes down to it and it’s time to pay the bill, we promise you’ll never have sticker shock. Fix ‘N Repair charges competitive and reasonable rates for all of our services, and you’ll never catch us trying to upsell you. We come to you, we do the work, then we leave – it’s that simple

Pick-Up& Drop-Off

At Fix ‘N Repair, our goal is always to make our services as accessible to our customers as possible. Sometimes, your iPad fails you when you are far from your nearest electronics store, or on a day when you had wanted to stay home and relax while binging your favorite reality TV series! 


 Electronics always seem to break at the least convenient times, which is why we are so focused on making repairing them convenient for our customers.

Fix ‘N Repair is the best choice if your iPad breaks, your charger stops working, or your battery goes dead. We mean it when we say that we bring the services to you. Seriously. Our team of expert technicians come directly to you to pick up your broken iPad.

Upon our arrival, we pick-up your broken iPad and bring them to our lab, where our technicians have everything they need for even complex repairs. Some repairs, such as screen replacement, can be completed in less than an hour. 


Not only do we come to you to perform repairs and complete them within a few short hours, but we also do so for no extra charge. Our customers pay for the repairs we do, not for the pick-up or delivery of their electronics, so there is no need to worry about hidden delivery fees being tacked on to the end of your bill.

Same Day Delivery

Part of why we bring our services to our clients (instead of our clients coming to our services) is because it ensures we are able to offer same-day turnarounds and delivery. When you visit big-box retailers or electronics repair businesses, it can take anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks for your electronics to be serviced and returned to you. With Fix ‘N Repair, not only do you not have to drop anything off or pick anything up, but you also don’t have to worry about long wait times for your items. 

Our team of techs complete repairs in just a few hours in our mobile service cars so our customers never have to wait for their electronics or worry about making it to the store on-time to pick them up. The day we pick up your iPad is the day we drop it off fully repaired, and we do so without costing you an arm and a leg. 

We Repair Before You Pay

At Fix ‘N Repair, our customers never pay until the repairs are complete. Once we pick up your iPad, you won’t pay a penny until your tablet is back in your hands and in full working condition. We charge fair and affordable prices for all of our premium services, and we even guarantee the quality of our work.

Technical Warranty

We know our technicians are among the best in the business; however, we realize that things happen and mistakes occur. For this reason, we provide a technical warranty to cover any after-sales issues. 

That means that your iPad can be returned to us if you are still experiencing problems. This offer does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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The cost of iPad Screen Replacement may vary depending on the type of iPad you have. Fix ‘N Repair provides iPad Screen Replacement service quickly and efficiently. Our technician will bring your iPad to the repair facility. You will receive it back within a few hours. Most of the time, Fix ‘n Repair Pro can fix your iPad on the same day. Nevertheless, your iPad will be picked up that evening and returned the next day. The best aspect of this system is that it can be accessed anywhere, including your home or office. Contact us now for iPad screen replacement!

Our technicians are qualified to replace an iPad’s battery. We offer FREE pick up and delivery for iPad Battery Replacement.

Our expert technicians are capable of replacing the charging port on the iPad. We offer FREE pickup and delivery for iPad Charger Repair.