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Fixing iPAD 7th Gen

When it comes to tablets, the iPad has risen to the top of the heap. If you love to surf the internet, play mobile games or check your social media regularly, then you know just how amazing your iPad is. Unfortunately, things happen: you may drop your iPad, spill something on it, or just use it enough that it begins to wear out. But a cracked screen or old battery does not have to spell disaster for your device. We know you don’t want to replace something as expensive as an iPad 7th Generation, especially if you have not had it that long.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution in the Greater Boston area, look no further than Fix ‘N Repair. At Fix ‘N Repair, we can expertly repair any and all Apple products, including all iPad models. We also offer speedy pick-up and delivery services. That means you do not even have to leave home to get your device fixed.

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Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services

We at Fix ‘N Repair can handle any tasks you throw our way. Just give us a call, and we’ll come pick up your iPad 7th Gen and see what’s causing the trouble. You do not have to have anything but your device handy. That’s because we come to you in our mobile repair cars, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for tackling all iPad 7th Generation hiccups. Best of all, we never stray far from your sight. You will likely be able to spot our repair car from your window!

Some corporate repair shops may take weeks to get your iPad back to you, even if the actual repair takes just a few days. We know that you cannot afford to wait. That is why we work hard to get youriPad 7th Gen up and running again within 30 minutes.


Same-Day Device Returns

Our highly skilled technicians will go above and beyond to fix your iPad 7th Generation onsite. If your device requires work that we can’t complete from the safety of our repair car, we will take your device to one of our repair shops. Don’t worry, though–you will still get your iPad back on the same day.

Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We never want our customers to feel as though a quality repair job is out of reach due to cost, which is why we strive to be upfront about our prices and will never surprise you with any hidden expenses. Best of all, our delivery and drop-off services are free of charge!

Experts in iPAD 7th Gen Screen Repair

Even the most cautious iPad 7th Generation owners experience problems from time to time with their devices. These issues can be anything from deteriorating batteries to unresponsive ports. This is common when you use your iPad frequently. However, there is no need to buy a new iPad.


We guarantee your iPad 7th Generation will work like new again when you have your iPad 7th repaired by Fix ‘N Repair. As a leading electronics repair service in the Boston area, we offer quick and convenient repair services at competitive prices. Among our services are:

IPad 7th Gen
Screen Repair & Replacement

A cracked glass panel can affect the performance of your touch screen. Furthermore, the iPad Generation 7 features multiple layers. If only one of those layers is damaged, it could have a negative impact on the way you interact with the device. Fortunately, we are capable of replacing any part of your screen with ease.

IPad 7th Gen
Battery Replacement

Batteries are not going to last forever, let’s face it. If you experience any of the following issues, it might be time to replace the battery for your iPad 7th Generation.

your phone’s battery is draining faster than it used to.
the battery is no longer charging
sudden fluctuations in the battery charge

Fortunately, we can repair your iPad 7th Gen at an unbeatable price!

IPad 7th Gen
Charging Port Repair

If your iPad 7th generation does not charge properly or if your headphones do not seem to be working properly, you may be experiencing a problem with your charging port. Fortunately, the connectivity issue can be quickly resolved.


Our technicians know exactly how to repair the charging ports on the iPad 7th Generation. With our help, you will be listening to your favorite tunes again in no time!

Don't see a repair service you need?

Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

At Fix ‘N Repair, we never treat the iPad repair process as a chore. We value our customers and want to help them get their devices working like new. That’s why we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have during every step of the process. Next to quick repairs and unbeatable prices, top-notch customer service is our specialty!

Free Pick-Up& Drop-Off


We Repair Before You Pay

Too many corporate repair shops demand payment upfront. We don’t operate that way at Fix ‘N Repair. You won’t have to pay anything until you get your iPad 7th Generation back from us. We make sure everything is in working order before we take your money.

Technical Warranty

We know our techs are the best in the business; that said, we also know that mistakes happen or things are overlooked. That is why we offer  technical warranty to cover any issues after your initial repair. 

That means that you can bring your iPad 7th Generation back to us if you are still experiencing issues. This offer does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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Fix ‘N Repair offers iPad 7th Gen Screen Replacement in a quick and efficient manner. Our technician will collect your iPad and take it to the repair lab. It will be returned to you within a few hours. In most cases, Fix ‘n Repair Pro can complete your iPad repair on the same day. Nevertheless, your iPad will be picked up that evening and returned the next day. The best aspect of this system is that it can be accessed anywhere, including your home or office. Contact us now for iPad 7th Generation screen repairs!

One of our expert technicians can perform the iPad 7th Gen battery replacement. We provide FREE pick up and delivery for iPad 6th Gen Battery Replacement.

Our expert technicians can replace the iPad 7th generation charging port. We offer FREE Pick up & drop off for iPad 7th Gen Charger Fix.