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iPAD Air
Repair Services

The iPad has all the bells and whistles of a personal computer without the unnecessary extras. You can carry on your daily life – checking emails, keeping up with work or going to school – without all the hassle. That said, one unexpected drop or spill can throw your whole day off. Rest assured, though: a cracked screen or old battery does not have to spell disaster for your device. We know that nobody wants to replace an item as personal and costly as an iPad 6th Generation, especially if you have not had it that long.


At Fix ‘N Repair, we can expertly repair all Apple products, including all iPad models. Along with our expertise, we offer speedy pick-up and delivery services. That means you do not even have to leave home to get your device fixed. Here is what we have to offer:The iPad resembles a personal computer without the additional bells and whistles. It is possible to carry on your daily life – checking email, working, or attending school without any hassle. There are times when one accidental spill can ruin your whole day. Rest assured, though: you need not lose your device because of a cracked display or old battery. We understand that nobody wants to replace an item so personal and so costly as an iPad, especially if the iPad has not been used for that long.

Expert Technicians in iPAD Air Screen Repair

Even the most careful iPad Air owners experience problems sometimes. Many people experience issues like battery degradation and unresponsive ports since they use their iPads a lot. You do not have to spend money on a new iPad!


You can rely on Fix ‘N Repair to help you get your iPad Air working like it just came out of the factory. As one of the most experienced electronic repair companies in the Boston area, we provide quick, convenient, and competitively priced electronic repair services. We offer the following services: 


IPad Air
Screen Repair & Replacement

A cracked ipad Air screen can easily be fixed by Fix ‘N Repair technician. We pick up & Drop off your ipad air on the same day(usually) at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

IPad Air
Battery Replacement

yes, that’s correct, batteries don’t last forever. If you experience any of the following symptoms your iPad Air may need a battery replacement:

your iPad losing charge quicker than before
the battery no longer accepting charges
sudden jumps or drops in battery charge

We can restore your iPad Air at a reasonable price!

IPad Air
Charging Port Repair

Do you have an iPad that does not charge? You tried different cables but nothing worked? If your iPad air shows no sign of connection then you probably need a new charger port. Fix ‘N Repair technicians will pickup your iPad air and return it to you within 3-4 hours with a new charging port.

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Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

At Fix ‘N Repair, we never treat the iPad repair process as a chore. We value our customers and want to help them get their devices working like new. That’s why we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have during every step of the process. Next to quick repairs and unbeatable prices, top-notch customer service is our specialty!

Free Pick-Up& Drop-Off

At Fix ‘N Repair, we ensure that our repair process is transparent to you every step of the way. To that end, we not only offer speedy, skillful service but also exceptional customer service. After all, we see you as more than just a customer. You are a busy person who needs a functioning device for work, school, and socialization.

We Repair Before You Pay

Too many corporate repair shops demand payment upfront. We don’t operate that way at Fix ‘N Repair. You won’t have to pay anything until you get your iPad 6th Generation back from us. We make sure everything is in working order before we take your money.

Technical Warranty

We know our techs are the best in the business; that said, we also know that mistakes happen or things are overlooked. That is why we offer  technical warranty to cover any issues after your initial repair. 

That means that you can bring your iPad Air back to us if you are still experiencing issues. This offer covers the first 90 days after the initial repair but does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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Fix ‘N Repair provides iPad Air Screen Replacements with the highest quality and affordable price. Our technician will pick up your iPad and take it to the repair lab. It will be returned to you after a few hours. Typically, Fix ‘n Repair Pro is able to repair your iPad on the same day. However, if we pick up your iPad in the evening and return it the next morning. There are many positives to this service, including the ability to access it from anywhere, including your home or office. Contact us immediately to have your iPad Air screen repaired or get an estimate!

Our technician can replace the iPad Air battery for you. We offer FREE Pickup & Return Service for iPad Air Battery Replacement.

You might need to force restart your device if your screen is black or frozen. Force restarting your device will not erase your data. Even if the screen is dark or the buttons are not responding, you can force your device to restart. Follow these steps to get started:

iPad models without a Home button: Hold down the Volume Up button for a moment and then press and release. Press and then quickly release the Volume Down button. Then you should press and hold the Power button until your device restarts.

if the problem isn’t resolved after these steps, please contact Fix ‘N Repair. The LCD of the iPad Air could be damaged, in which case it might be necessary to replace the screen. In addition, a faulty battery or damaged charging port could be the root cause of the problem.