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iPhone Repair Service

Having A Broken IPhone Is Too Stressful, Especially Nowadays. Think About It. You Try To Type Something On Broken Glass, And It Dysfunctions. You Wanna Play Pub G On Your Iphone, And Cracked Screen Makes It Absolutely Not Enjoyable. What An Annoying Situation,Right?! Fixing IPhone Screen Shouldn’t Be Complicated. You Don’t Have To Spend Your Valuable Time For Getting Your IPhone Fixed.


If you need iPhone screen replacement, battery replacement, or other iPhone repair services, Fix’N Repair is the trusted tech repair specialist. The iPhone screen replacement is done in as little time as possible, so you can wait in our store, or leave your smartphone and pick it up later.


Whether your iPhone has a cracked screen and needs a screen replacement, is unable to turn on, is not charging, is water damaged, or requires a battery replacement, motherboard repairs, factory unlocking, and upgrades. Our expert technicians can diagnose and fix any issue with your phone while you wait. All of our repairs are guaranteed and we use only the best parts available on the market. Come see us today!


All our technicians are certified in repairing Apple products, including faulty displays and data recovery. Be assured that all the parts we use are of the highest quality, and you’ll even receive a lifetime warranty on our Apple iPhone screen repair services.


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Traditional Way Of IPhone Repair Was: 

Going To Apple Store>> Waiting 3-4 Hours To Get Your Smartphone Repaired. 

We All Know How Valuable The Time Is. And Here At Fix ‘N Repair, We All Know You Shouldn’t Do That.

Expert in iPhone Screen Replacement

The world is experiencing a change right now. It Is Now Possible To Repair An IPhone In A Better And a More Modern Way.


What is the difference between the two?


Because IPhone Repair need not take your time. Simply book your appointment with us, and we will come out and fix the screen of your phone or replace the battery of your phone in the service car upon your arrival.


In addition, it is not necessary to go to a repair shop or an Apple store because we don’t charge extra when we come to your location.

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Repairing an iPhone usually takes 30 minutes or less. If your iPhone screen is cracked, we can replace the screen for you. If your IPhone doesn’t hold the power, we can replace your iPhone battery. Same deal, in 30 minuets.

You have tried 8 different charging cables and your iPhone still doesn’t seem to be charging. No sign of power? We can still fix charging port in the car, in 30 minuets.

Which iPhone Fix Service Do You Need?

iPhone Screen Replacement

Does your IPHONE have a broken screen, is it acting strangely or not responding to your touch?. If so, your phone may have a broken screen, and you should get a repair as soon as possible. If you select to have the IPHONE screen repaired by us, we will make it simple and fast. Before we repair your IPHONE, we must make sure the device does not have any other problems. We are then able to give you a more accurate quote so that we can get the IPHONE screen replacement completed in no time. Perhaps your iPhone’s screen is broken, but you should not worry about it. We have the capability to repair any issue in your IPHONE, and we will do everything we can to bring your best friend back to life. Call us now, and leave the iphone in our experts’ hands. You can trust our team at Fix ‘N Repair to repair the screen of your IPHONE.

iPhone Battery Replacement

What do you do when your iPhone battery is not functioning correctly? It is possible that you may require a battery replacement for many reasons. Batteries, unlike diamonds, are not eternal. Even if you treat it with extra care, they will not last forever. Contact us if you’ve been experiencing iPhone battery issues. A replacement battery can be installed by our Fix ‘N Repair techs in a very short time, thus bringing your favorite IPHONE back to life.

iPhone Charger Port Repair

Have you ever had a hard time holding your IPHONE while it is charging? You might be disappointed to discover that the battery level on your phone is almost 0% when the phone was still charging when you left it. This could indicate that your charging port has become damaged, requiring replacement. Damaged charging ports may impede your ability to fully use your IPHONE. But we are here to assist you, and we will take care of your device. This includes being able to work with experts and reliable technicians, in order to perform your Charging Port Repair. It appears that we are pretty good at it. Do not be alarmed by the possibility that your iPhone charger port has been damaged. This can be repaired and you will not need to throw your iPhone away.

iPhone Back Glass Repair

Nowadays, the iPhone is stylized. They are beautiful to look at and have an ideal back glass that is not so perfect after all. Generally speaking, they can be fragile. But fortunately, we have experts who can restore the beauty of your iPhone with a glass replacement. Make sure that your smartphone looks good even if the back glass is broken. We will try to make your cell phone beautiful again. Let our experts handle your IPHONE. Your device should always appear as new as possible. Repair your IPHONE Back Glass with the Fix ‘N Repair team.

iPhone Power Button Repair

Power button replacement may be needed if your iPhone power button is stucked. If you have an iPhone that does not turn on, the power button may be damaged. Contact us for more information on iPhone Power Button Repair!

iPhone Motherboard Repair

Here at Fix ‘N Repair, we offer iPhone Motherboard Repair at your convenience. Our techs have the ability to perform micro-soldering on iPhone Motherboard as well. 

Whether or not your phone has the worst or the specific issue, you shouldn’t worry about it. No repair we haven’t handled (believe us), no matter what the problem is with your iPhone, from a power button issue to a WiFi issue. We will make every effort to bring back your beloved pet. Let us take care of your phone. You deserve that your device always looks brand new. Satisfy your IPHONE’s needs by trusting the Fix ‘N Repair team.


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Question about iPhone Repair?

Fix ‘N Repair provides iPhone Screen Replacement services as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the service car, a technician will come to you wherever you are to replace your iPhone screen in the service car. Fix ‘n Repair Pro can repair your iPhone in less than 30 minutes. The best thing is you do not have to leave your house for any of this to occur. If you are in need of an iPhone Screen Replacement, please get in touch with us today!

If your iPhone is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, then it would be more cost-effective to go with Apple for iPhone Screen Repair. You can view the pricing structure for iPhone Repairs by Manufacturer. However, if your iPhone is not under warranty anymore, then you may want to try a trusted iPhone repair service such as Fix ‘N Repair. Fix ‘N Repair offers top-quality parts, expert & friendly technicians, and competitive prices. The cost of iPhone screen replacement depends on the model. No matter what kind of iPhone you have, we have the ability to repair it. Please contact us for pricing.

iPhone Back Screen Replacement may be performed by Fix ‘N Repair on the same day. Prices vary depending on the model of your iPhone for back glass replacement. Contact us for pricing

At Fix ‘N Repair, we know how important it is to have a reliable repair service so that you feel confident returning from time to time. We offer a warranty on the screen replacement services. Only technical problems are covered by the warranty. If the touch does not respond on some part of the screen, if you cannot slide, or if the buttons of the screen do not respond, contact us. We are happy to return to take care of that for you. However, if the screen is cracked it will unfortunately not be covered by the Fix ‘N Repair warranty. So PHYSICAL and WATER DAMAGES VOID THE WARRANTY

We do not collect payments until the repair has been completed. When we have completed the repair and everything is accounted for, you may pay us by cash, all major credit cards, apple pay, or Venmo. We unfortunately DON’T ACCEPT CHECKS.

Fix ‘N Repair is an independent repair service based in Boston and is not affiliated with Apple. We are not authorized to use Genuine Apple Parts, SO WE DO NOT USE BRANDED APPLE PARTS. But we use the best quality parts available in the market, therefore we offer lifetime warranty for iPhone Screen Replacement services.