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The iPhone 6S was one of the first iPhone models to be made with a rounded bezel edge and a thinner body. The 6S was also touted as a more affordable option, especially compared to the 6 or the 6 Plus. This made it particularly appealing to students who needed a phone to communicate but did not have a lot of money to spend.Even today, the iPhone 6S remains a popular option for customers looking for older models of iPhone, especially since this generation does particularly well with proper care and attention.


Some repair services focus only on external repairs, offer only screen replacements, or simply won’t handle the more technical issues that arise in Apple products. At Fix ‘N Repair, we can repair any problem that may occur, and we do so without charging you an arm and a leg. Whether you drop your phone and crack the screen, or your iPhone 6S mysteriously stops accepting a charge, we can help.


Despite its advancement, technology is often susceptible to wear and tear it day to day busy life. Does your iPhone 6S battery run out of juice? Is your camera frozen? Does your touch feature stop working? 


An iPhone requires periodic maintenance and repair. The components start to degrade, and it is essential to have it checked by a professional to keep up with its quality of service. At Fix’N Repair, we do just that. We help you care for all your iPhone 6S needs to ensure its long life and quality of use. Have any problems with your iPhone? We’ve got you covered. 


We have a team of experts and professionals who know their way around an iPhone 6S and can assist you in any problems you may face. Apple may not cover certain problems despite iPhones being one of the best on the market. We invite you to work with us to forget these problems once and for all. Whether you are unsure as to what to do to rectify your problem, our team serves as a great resource to provide you with the best solutions for your problems. At our company, our ultimate goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer.


 iPhones are used for more than just communicating today. Besides phone calls, texts, and emails, they can be used for photography, listening to music, etc. Some even conduct their entire business on their phone. It is vital to our everyday lives today. After a few years of constant use, the phone’s features are likely to begin to deteriorate. However, to keep the phone’s high level of performance for an additional degree of time, it is necessary to maintain it properly.


 In addition to these services, our team and professionals also give you tips and pieces of advice on the best ways to take care of your phone. We are the right choice for all your phone needs. With our help, you can undoubtedly flee from all your phone challenges and continue to enjoy your iPhone just as you did when you first purchased it – exactly the way you enjoyed it when you first bought it. From battery replacement to software and hardware issues, we take care of it all. 


Also, by repairing your old iPhone 6S, you are doing a little bit to save our planet and reduce e-waste. Here at Fix’ N Repair, we care about environmental consciousness. You can trust us to extend the life of your phone.




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In many cases, iPhone users are conditioned to believe that they can only have their devices repaired by experts by visiting the Apple Store, which ultimately costs them a lot of money. Because of this, it was not uncommon for iPhones to be discarded rather than repaired since it could be as costly as purchasing a brand new device. 


Today, thanks to the work of Fix ‘N Repair and other independent tech specialists, iPhone users have lots of options when it comes to repairing their devices, and those repairs ought not to break the bank. 


We are constantly interacting with our computers through mobile devices, and for many of us, our lives are managed by these small pocket-sized gadgets. When something is broken or stopped working, you need access to someone who will take care of the problem. Fix ‘N Repair provides the most convenient, highest-quality, and most affordable iPhone 6s repair at affordable prices, and our team travels to you whenever you need it. 

Professionals in iPhone 6s Repair

IPhone 6S Screen Replacement

Since the most commonly broken part of the iPhone 6S, the glass panel that protects the inner workings of the iPhone screen is the most common replacement we provide. While damage to the outer glass panel won’t necessarily impact the other layers, the damage can get deep enough to cause problems. 

Below the glass panel is the digitizer, which is the component of the screen that senses your touch – which is why it is commonly referred to as the touch screen. Should this layer suffer damage of any sort, the damage can also extend lower to the final layer called the LCD screen. The LCD screen is what lights up your iPhone, and what shows you all your texts, selfies, and social media posts

iPhone 6S Front & Back Camera Repair

It’s a terrible feeling to want to whip your camera out for a shot of a beautiful sunset or to catch your hair looking particularly good–only to remember that your camera no longer works. The iPhone 6S features two cameras, one front and one back-facing, and both can become damaged should the iPhone be dropped or experience substantial impact. 

Our techs can easily repair or replace either or both of your cameras easily!

Iphone 6S Micro-Soldering Repair

If your iPhone 6S’s logic board has become damaged, has somehow malfunctioned, or is somehow flawed, our techs will likely need to perform micro-soldering repairs. These repairs are performed at one of our repair shops, and though it can’t be done in one of our mobile repair vehicles, devices requiring micro-soldering repairs will still be returned to you the same day.

Iphone 6S Home Button Repair

Regardless of whether you dropped the iPhone and it developed damage to the home button or if the home button suddenly stopped responding, we are always here for you! 

We will replace your iPhone 6S home button within 20 minutes.

IPhone 6S Battery Replacement

The iPhone 6 Plus is known for its lengthy battery life, offering users 12 hours of LTE browsing and 14 hours of video playback. This new and improved feature of the iPhone made the iPhone 6 Plus an ideal choice for business professionals, students, and others that spend more than 12 hours a day away from home. 

Even with the longer battery life, extended use of a battery will mean that it will eventually need to be replaced. Batteries can become defective due to drops or bumps, regular wear and tear, overcharging, water damage, etc, but all these issues can be addressed with a simple battery replacement. You’ll know your iPhone 6 Plus needs a battery replacement when your phone no longer takes a charge, your battery begins to drain quickly, or you see major drops or jumps in battery percentage. 

IPhone 6S Charger Port Replacement

Do you ever have to hold your charging cable at a certain angle to get it to connect to your phone? Have you ever plugged your phone in only to come back an hour later to find it not charging? If this has ever happened, you might be having problems with your charging port. This can happen because of some physical damage, or simply as a result of overuse. Either way, we can fix the problem. 

IPhone 6S Microphone & Speaker Replacement

Without a microphone and speaker, there is pretty much no point in having a phone. When one or the other goes, it can become virtually impossible to hear or speak to someone on the phone, a very frustrating feeling, especially in an emergency. If your sound has become too quiet to hear or if your friends and family have told you that they cannot hear you, your microphone and speakers may need some help. 

IPhone 6S Power Button Replacement

When you attempt to turn on your iPhone 6S, but it does not light up, this can be quite annoying. The power button does not work but you press it. What action should you take?

Contact Fix ‘N Repair! Our Pro will come to your location, fix your iPhone 6S power button within 30 minutes. Easy as that!

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Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

Your iPhone is where you do your work, where you talk to your family, where you reconnect with friends, and where you learn your news of the day. Your iPhone plays a major role in your life, so when it breaks or suddenly stops working, it can throw your whole day off track. Fix ‘N Repair understands the importance of having your iPhone on hand, and understands the stress that comes from being without your most trusted device. 


Because of this, we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have the best, most reliable experiences, ensuring they feel comfortable coming back time and time again for our high-quality services.

We Repair Before You Pay

Too many corporate repair shops demand payment upfront. We don’t operate that way at Fix ‘N Repair. You won’t have to pay anything until you get your iPhone 6s back from us. We make sure everything is in working order before we take your money.

Technical Warranty

We know our techs are the best in the business; that said, we also know that mistakes happen or things are overlooked. That is why we offer  technical warranty to cover any issues after your initial repair. 

That means that you can bring your iPhone 6S  back to us if you are still experiencing issues. This warranty covers touch problems but does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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