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Repairing iPHONE 7
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iPhones have never been very cheap, so we want to make them last. But no matter how careful we are, they always become damaged. But before you go and buy a new iPhone, give Fix ‘N Repair a call!


People often replace their iPhones as soon as they see damage, but they usually have years of service left. What’s more, replacing iPhones like this is expensive – your trusty iPhone 7 Plus shouldn’t go in the trash just because of a few issues.


At Fix n’ Repair, we offer convenient and affordable repairs for your Apple products, including all iPhone 7 models. We provide pick-up and delivery services so that you won’t even have to leave your home to get your electronics all fixed up!

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In many cases, iPhone users are conditioned to believe that they can only get their devices repaired by professionals by visiting the Apple Store, and this will result in them spending more money than they should. Therefore, it was rare for iPhones to be repaired rather than discarded since this could cost as much as purchasing a new device. 


Thanks to the efforts of Fix ‘N Repair and other independent repair experts, iPhone owners today have a wide range of options when it comes to repairing their devices, and these repairs ought to be affordable. 


We interact with our computers constantly through mobile devices, and for many of us, our lives are run by these small pocket-sized gadgets. When something breaks or malfunctions, you need someone who can handle the problem. Fix ‘N Repair is offering the most convenient, high-quality, affordable iPhone 7 Plus repair at affordable prices, and our technicians travel to you whenever you need it. 

Expert Tech in Fixing iPhone 7 Plus

Let’s say you were doing chores and you dropped your iPhone. The camera is cracked and the speakers are shot, so you decide that your iPhone 7 Plus has finally reached its end. Or maybe the phone just starts slowing down over time. Trust us – we’ve been there.


At Fix ‘N Repair, we can get any iPhone working again in no time – yes, even the 7 Plus! As one of the best electronics repair companies in Boston, our repairs are quick and affordable. Some of our services include:

IPhone 7 Plus Screen Repair

With a 5.5-inch Retina HD LED screen, the iPhone 7 Plus is still a reliable touch screen device despite its age. 

All iPhones have three components to their screens: the glass panel, the digitizer, and the LCD display. Each component has its own purpose, and worse yet, each component can easily be damaged. 

The glass panel can easily be cracked. Since the digitizer senses touch, it can make iPhone unresponsive to your fingers. The LCD display can hamper your phone’s display if damaged. 

We know that screen damage is an extremely common issue for iPhone users. Let Fix ‘N Repair iPhone 7 Plus screen so your iPhone can continue to thrive!

iPhone 7 Plus Front & Back Camera Repair

iPhone cameras are important for both photography and social media. When they break, it really puts a damper on your life. Fortunately, we can fix your camera so it’s as good as new.

Fix ‘N Repair can repair or replace both front and rear cameras so you can go back to Snapchatting the homies and taking memorable pictures in no time.

Iphone 7 Plus Micro-Soldering Repair

There’s a chance your iPhone 7 Plus is experiencing an internal issue, such as a flaw in the logic board. These issues require micro-soldering repairs, and we can bring your iPhone to one of our repair centers to get it done. 

Don’t worry though – bringing your iPhone 7 Plus in does NOT mean that you’ll be waiting days to get it back. You’ll get your device back on the same day, guaranteed. 

Iphone 7 Plus Home Button Repair

Whether you damaged your iPhone’s home button due to a drop or if your iPhone suddenly did not respond to the home button, we are always available to help you! 

We will install a new iPhone 7 Plus home button within 20 minutes.

IPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

Many people tend to forget that iPhone batteries have limited lifespans, and can be damaged in countless ways. Fortunately, a quick and simple battery replacement should solve the problem.

If your iPhone 7 Plus exhibits issues such as rapidly losing charge, not charging at all, overheating, or rapidly jumping from fully charged to dead, give us a call! We’ll keep your iPhone 7 Plus running at an affordable price.

IPhone 7 Plus Charger Port Replacement

The iPhone 7 Plus charging port is used for both charging and for headphone use, and can really tack on the wear-and-tear. 

Your iPhone might need charging port repairs if it only charges at specific angles or your headphones stop working for your phone. 

Fix ‘N Repair’s technicians will quickly get your port fixed so your iPhone 7 Plus can charge properly and play music like it’s brand new!

IPhone 7 Plus Microphone & Speaker Replacement

You need your iPhone’s speakers and microphones for phone calls and FaceTimes, but they can easily be damaged through high falls or contact with water and dust. 

If your iPhone 7 Plus has trouble outputting audio or is unable to pick up your voice during calls, your microphone and speakers may be broken. Fix N’ Repair and get those components working in no time!

IPhone 7 Plus Power Button Repair

When you turn on your iPhone 7 Plus, but it does not come on, this can be pretty frustrating. The power button does not turn on even though you press it. What steps should you take?

Contact Fix ‘N Repair! Our repair technicians will arrive at your location and fix your iPhone 7 Plus power button within 30 minutes. Simple as that!

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Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

Your iPhone is where you do your work, where you talk to your family, where you reconnect with friends, and where you learn your news of the day. Your iPhone plays a major role in your life, so when it breaks or suddenly stops working, it can throw your whole day off track. Fix ‘N Repair understands the importance of having your iPhone on hand, and understands the stress that comes from being without your most trusted device. 


Because of this, we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have the best, most reliable experiences, ensuring they feel comfortable coming back time and time again for our high-quality services.

We Repair Before You Pay

Too many corporate repair shops demand payment upfront. We don’t operate that way at Fix ‘N Repair. You won’t have to pay anything until you get your iPhone 7 Plus back from us. We make sure everything is in working order before we take your money.

Technical Warranty

We know our techs are the best in the business; that said, we also know that mistakes happen or things are overlooked. That is why we offer  technical warranty to cover any issues after your initial repair. 

That means that you can bring your iPhone 7 Plus  back to us if you are still experiencing issues. This warranty covers touch problems but does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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