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The iPhone 7 was the first iPhone model to be made without a standard headphone jack, and features only a lightning cable port where a charging cable or lightning-wired-headphones can be plugged in. The announcement that Apple was to remove the once standard headphone jack from their iPhones came as a major shock to consumers, and was most certainly the 7th generation’s most controversial update. 


Along with the change to the headphone port, the iPhone 7 came with another relatively significant change aimed at making this generation more water-resistant. The iPhone 7 and its following models were equipped with a new click-less home button, eliminating the small crack between the home button and the iPhone body. 


These features combined with improved battery life and a design similar to the popular iPhone 6 made the iPhone 7 an instant hit, and have helped this model to remain a popular option for customers looking for older models of iPhone. With proper care and attention, the iPhone 7 can be kept in excellent working condition for years, and all it takes is keeping up with routine maintenance and repairs. 


Unfortunately, lots of iPhone users have been conditioned to believe that the only option to have their devices repaired by experts is to visit the Apple Store, which often ends up costing an arm and a leg. Because of this, there was a time when iPhones were essentially destined for the trash, since having them repaired could often be as expensive as purchasing an entirely new device. 


Our phones are with us all day long, and for many of us, our lives are managed on these pocket-sized devices. When something breaks or stops working, you need someone you can call to fix the problem right away. Fix ‘N Repair offers the most convenient, highest-quality, most affordable iPhone 7 repairs in the greater Boston area, and our team comes right to you at a moment’s notice. 

After Repair

IPhone 7 Screen Replacement

Screen replacements are one of the most common repairs we come across at Fix ‘N Repair, especially since the glass plate used to protect the inner workings of the iPhone 7 screen is prone to shattering on impact. What most iPhone users don’t know is that there are three distinct layers to your screen, each of which can become damaged and can be replaced. 


The top layer, or glass panel, is the piece that breaks most commonly on iPhones, since dropping your phone can easily result in the glass becoming shattered. The next layer of your screen is the ‘touch screen’ itself, the layer that ‘feels’ your fingers and sends commands to the iPhone. You’ll know your touch screen is damaged if your iPhone stops responding or if part of your screen no longer acknowledges touch. The final layer is the LCD display, the layer that lights your iPhone and shows you the images. If your iPhone goes dark or has missing pixels, your LCD is likely the problem. 

IPhone 7 Battery Replacement

The iPhone 7 boasts impressive battery life, expected to require only a single charge once a day should the user use it continuously. Users that are more sparing with their iPhone usage can often get away with charging only once every two or three days, depending on how they use their devices. An extended battery life makes the iPhone 7 a great choice for anyone that is on the go, or anyone that just wants a lower-maintenance option that they can rely on. 


Even with the longer battery life, extended use of a battery will mean that it will eventually need to be replaced. Batteries can become defective due to drops or bumps, regular wear and tear, overcharging, water damage, etc, but all these issues can be addressed with a simple battery replacement. You’ll know your iPhone 7 needs a battery replacement when your phone no longer takes a charge, your battery begins to drain quickly, or you see major drops or jumps in battery percentage. 

IPhone 7 Front & bACK camera Replacement

Like all standard iPhone models, the iPhone 7 has both front and back-facing cameras, enabling the user to take photos from multiple angles. Considered some of the best on the smartphone market, iPhone cameras are just one of the many reasons Apple has gained such major popularity. When an iPhone camera breaks or stops functioning properly, a huge portion of the phone’s function is lost.


Fix ‘N Repair can quickly repair or replace either your front or back-facing camera, restoring your phone to its original condition. We make these repairs fast and easy, and without damaging the outer casing of your phone or charging you hundreds of dollars to do the job. 

IPhone 7 Charger Port Replacement

iPhone chargers are infamously flimsy, which is why most people assume it is the fault of their charging cable when their iPhone stops charging properly. In reality, a large portion of charging issues are related to the actual charging port rather than just the charging cable. The charging port can become damaged or worn over time and with extended use, which can cause parts of it to malfunction or no longer connect to a cable.


Because the iPhone 7 features only a single port for both wired headphones and charging cables, this model may experience more wear than earlier models. Signs that your iPhone 7 might be experiencing charging port issues include: needing to hold your charger at a certain angle to connect, your phone mysteriously switching from ‘charging’ to ‘not charging’, and similar problems when attempting to connect to your charger. 

IPhone 7 Power Button Replacement

If your Iphone 7 power button does not work, don’t hesitate! Call us or Book an Appointment. We will come to your location, fix your iphone 7 power button in the service car. And that will take less than 30 minutes!

IPhone 7 Speaker Replacement

The iPhone 7 has an internal microphone to pick up the sound of the user’s voice and an internal speaker so that the user can hear someone on the other line, listen to music, enjoy a podcast, watch videos, and so on. When one or both stops working, making phone calls or simply enjoying your favorite entertainment becomes completely impossible. Signs you may need your speakers repaired include not being able to hear with your volume all the way up and staticky audio. You’ll know your microphone needs replacing when friends and family have trouble hearing you on the phone. 

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Iphone 7 Repair Service?


At Fix ‘N Repair, we understand how stressful and busy your days can be, which is why we offer iPhone 7 repair services that are so convenient you don’t even have to leave your house. The Fix ‘N Repair experience includes a visit from our team of certified technicians in one of our mobile repair cars, each of which is fully outfitted with all the tools and equipment we need to restore your devices to full working condition.

Pick Up/dROP OFF

Most fixes like screen replacements and charging port repairs can be done right in your driveway or down the street in a mobile repair vehicle, so you never have to worry about being miles away from your devices with no idea when you’ll get them back. Sometimes, our team may need to do some more extensive work, which can include tasks like micro soldering to fix flaws in the logic board. Micro soldering isn’t safe to do in the repair vehicle, so in these cases, our techs bring your device off-site for a few hours to make the necessary fixes.

We Repair Before You pay

We never ask you to pay before you receive your fully repaired item, since we just don’t think that’s a fair way to do business! With Fix ‘N Repair, you don’t pay a penny until your iPhone is safely back in your hands, so satisfaction is guaranteed.

Quick Turnaround

Unlike big-box retailers and corporate repair services, Fix ‘N Repair won’t make you wait days or weeks for your iPhone to be fixed. Our technicians work quickly to complete jobs same-day, so you won’t be without your iPhone 7 for more than An hour(maximum). We pick-up your device, quickly do the repairs in our mobile repair vehicle, then bring your device back, under an hour, good as new.

90 days warranty

Because we want our customers to be fully satisfied with our services, we offer a 90-day technical warranty that covers all technical issues that may arise. This warranty covers anything that we might not have addressed within our repair, so if we replaced your screen and it still isn’t tracking, we’ll revise the issue at no extra cost to you. Note: This warranty covers only technical issues, not physical and water damage.

Certified PROs & OEM Quality Parts

All of our techs are fully trained to handle all type of repairs such as screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port or camera repair and more.

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Your iPhone is where you do your work, where you talk to your family, where you reconnect with friends, and where you learn your news of the day. Your iPhone plays a major role in your life, so when it breaks or suddenly stops working, it can throw your whole day off track. Fix ‘N Repair understands the importance of having your iPhone on hand, and understands the stress that comes from being without your most trusted device. 


Because of this, we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have the best, most reliable experiences, ensuring they feel comfortable coming back time and time again for our high-quality services. 

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