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In the digital age, the iPhone has become the premier resource for all things technology. Checking emails. Texting. Social media scrolling. Whatever the case, our daily life is reliant on this small screen. So a cracked screen, deteriorating USB or low-quality camera can easily disrupt anyone’s life. Not to mention, the cost of replacing a phone can be quite high.


Rest assured: it does not have to be this way.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution in the Boston area, we can help.  At Fix n’ Repair, we offer convenient and affordable repair services for your Apple products, including all iPhone 8 models. We offer pick-up and delivery services. Now, you can get your electronics fixed without having to worry about leaving your home!


Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services


No matter what shape your iPhone 8 is in, we got you covered. Just give us a call, and we’ll pick up your iPhone at your convenience. 


Our Fix ‘N Repair technicians have been thoroughly trained to handle an array of complications that commonly afflict Apple products. We will come to your home in our mobile repair cars equipped with state-of-the-art tools  designed to handle your iPhone 8.


We’ll even retrieve your iPhone and give it our undivided attention. Not many repair shops can promise that! With large corporate repair companies, you may be lucky to get your phone back in a week. With our speed and efficiency, you’ll get your iPhone 8 back within 30 minutes.



Same-Day Device Returns. 


Unlike other repair services, we will have your device back to you within the same day instead of days or weeks! 


While our highly skilled technicians will repair your iPhone 8 in our mobile repair cars, if your phone continues to experience issues, we will take your device to one of our repair shops and return it to you within the same day. We promise!


Free Pick-Up & Drop-Off


At Fix ‘N Repair, we offer free delivery and drop-offs without any hidden fees or service charges. This along with our unbeatable prices ensures that you are getting the best possible deal in the Boston area. 


We are the best,
We Fix the mess!

While you may treat your iPhone 8 with the utmost care, smartphones eventually wear it down with prolonged usage such as battery deterioration and unresponsive ports.


At Fix ‘N Repair, we can get your iPhone 8 working again in a matter of time. As one of the most experienced manufacturer electronics repair services in the Boston area, we offer quick and convenient services at competitive prices. Some of our services include: 

IPhone 8 Screen Repair

A cracked glass panel can affect how responsive your iPhone 8 is to you and your fingers. We at Fix ‘N Repair offer iPhone 8 screen replacement to fix the screen in no time.


Let Fix ‘N Repair cure that screen!

IPhone 8 Battery Replacement

We at Fix N’ Repair can do a quick and simple iPhone 8 battery replacement for any battery damage or recharge issues.


A few indicators for when your battery needs replacement include the following:


  • your phone losing charge quicker than before
  • the battery no longer accepting charges
  •  overheating
  • sudden jumps or drops in battery charge


Let us help you keep your iPhone 8 alive at an affordable price!

IPhone 8 Camera Repair

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a new iPhone for just a new camera, let us fix your current one for cheap. Whether it’s an issue with your front camera or a few cracks on the rear lens, we will have you taking selfies again in no time at all. At Fix ‘N Repair, we even offer both iPhone 8 front and rear camera replacement.

IPhone 8 Charging Port Replacement

If your iPhone 8 is not charging properly or headphones are not connecting well, we can resolve your connectivity issue quickly. Our technicians will have your iPhone 8 charging normally and music flowing through your headphones faster than any other repair shop in the Greater Boston area!

IPhone 8 Microphone & Speaker Repair

Unfortunately, your iPhone 8 microphone and speakers can sustain damage from being dropped or coming in contact with water, dust or other small particles. If your iPhone is having audio issues with its speakers or microphone, we at Fix ‘N Repair offer iPhone 8 microphone and speaker repair to return your audio to normal.

IPhone 8 Micro-Soldering Repairs

Sometimes your iPhone 8 may require micro-soldering repairs, especially if it has some internal issues. To complete this job, we will have to bring your iPhone 8 back to one of our repair centers for proper repair. 


Don’t worry, though. This does not require you to wait days to get your phone back as you will have it back by the same day, guaranteed. 

Don’t See a repair service you need?

Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

Unlike other electronic retailers or corporate repair services, Fix ‘N Repair is dedicated to making the iPhone repair process convenient and swift. Our mission is to make fixing your phone – fast, easy, and stress-free. 


Along with our speedy and effective service, we at Fix ‘N Repair are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by providing high-quality smartphone repairs with excellent customer service. 



We Repair Before You Pay

Many corporate repair shops require customers to pay upfront for repairs. With us, however, you don’t pay a dime until we deliver your iPhone back to your hands. That way, you can be sure that we will deliver excellent technical service before you pay us.


90-Day Technical Warranty

Even though we have the highest confidence in our techs, we know unexpected things can happen. With that said, we offer a 90-day technical warranty that covers any issue or error that wasn’t covered in the initial repair. 


If you find that your iPhone 8 still has some lingering issues after being repaired, we’ll come back and address any issue until it’s been resolved. This offer covers the first 90 days after the initial repair but does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 


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