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iPhone SE users know that the key to keeping this awesome generation of smartphone in good condition is keeping up with regular repairs. Unfortunately, having your phone repaired used to mean shelling out hundreds of dollars at the Apple store, no matter how small the problem might be. This reality is something that has kept lots of iPhone SE users from even attempting to seek help for their broken phones, deciding instead to chuck them in a drawer and purchase a whole new phone. 


What lots of iPhone sE users don’t know is that those cracked, broken, and non-responsive phones have a whole lot of life left in them, and the repairs don’t have to break the bank! 


Our phones are on us all day long, and for most of us, these pocket-sized devices often see just as much use as our laptops or TVs. Smartphones, and more specifically, iPhones have become a must-have item, something no one leaves home without. Fix ‘N Repair makes sure you are never caught without your phone by offering the most convenient, highest-quality, most affordable iPhone repairs in the greater Boston area.

Experts in Fixing iPhone X

Since Most Of Us Carry Our Phones With Us The Majority Of The Time, There Are Tons Of Opportunities For Them To Become Damaged. Leaving The House, Getting In And Out Of The Car, Taking Things Out Of Pockets, Changing Clothes, And Tons Of Other Everyday Activities Can Suddenly Send Your Phone Flying, Leaving You With A Cracked Screen, An Unresponsive iPhone, A Chipped Camera Lens, And So On. 


No Matter What Has Happened To Your iPhone SE, Fix ‘N Repair Can Help. Our Team Of Technicians Is One Of The Most Experienced In The Boston Area, Years Of Experience Repairing And Refurbishing iPhones And Other Electronic Devices, Enabling Quick Diagnosis And Treatment For A Huge Variety Of Problems.

iPhone SE Screen Repair

When Apple rolled out the iPhone SE, they also rolled out a change to their screens. Previously, the digitizer (which is the technical term for the layer of your screen that senses your touch) was closer to the glass panel that you physically touch when you use your phone. This design meant that the iPhone’s digitizer could easily become damaged if the glass panel were to shatter, raising the likelihood that users would need a full screen-replacement rather than just the glass panel. 


Now, iPhones are designed such that the digitizer is attached to the deeper LED screen, which is the layer responsible for showing you the images on your screen. By setting the digitizer slightly deeper in the iPhone, Apple created not only a more responsive touchscreen, but a more durable one as well. 


Despite being more durable than the early iPhone models, the iPhone se screen can still sustain damage, so keep Fix ‘N Repair at the back of your mind so you know who to contact if you need a screen replacement. 

iPhone SE Camera Repair

iPhones are known for having excellent cameras, and as iPhone SE users know, even the earlier generations rivaled some major manufacturers today. iPhones SE feature both a front-facing and back-facing camera, enabling the user to take photos of their friends or themselves without sacrificing being able to look at the screen. 

When either of these cameras malfunctions or breaks, it can make using your iPhone far less convenient, especially if you use your phone for conferencing, FaceTiming, or any kind of social media. Fortunately, a Fix ‘N Repair technicians can repair or replace both front and back-facing cameras easily, and without destroying your phone or costing you hundreds. 

IPhone SE Microsoldering

Sometimes, the damage done to an iPhone is too deeply internal, such as a flaw in the logic board. In these cases, our technicians may perform micro soldering repairs cannot be done in our mobile repair cars. When soldering is called for, we bring the iPhone to a separate location to safely perform the repairs, then return the device right to your door the very same day. Like our regular services, the pick-up and drop-off of your iPhone 5 is free of charge. 

iPhone SE Battery Replacement

iPhone batteries are notorious for burning out after extended use, and since so many of us use our iPhones continuously throughout the day, this absolutely is something we come across often. iPhone batteries, despite being rechargeable, won’t last forever even if you follow best practices for conserving battery life, keeping your iPhone from overheating, etc. 


Whether your battery is damaged from a fall, no longer accepts a charge, has been consumed, or simply is unresponsive, we can easily provide a replacement. Oftentimes, iPhones with battery issues can be restored to full working condition with a simple, straightforward battery replacement. 


Signs your battery may need replacing include your phone draining more quickly than usual, sudden drops in charge percentage, your iPhone dying suddenly after only a short period of time, overheating, and more. 

iPhone SE Charging Port Repair

The iPhone SE has a lighting charging port, which is standard for all current iPhone models. Charging issues are some of the most common problems we come across when working with our clients, and oftentimes, the culprit isn’t who you might think. Most users blame their charging cables, since these have traditionally been thought of as flimsy and finicky, easily dislodged and made unusable. Now, we know that a large number of charging related issues are due to damage to or malfunction of the charging port itself, so no matter how many new chargers you buy you’ll never get your iPhone to take a charge. 


Signs that your iPhone SE may have charging port problems include needing to hold your cable to stabilize it in order to charge, charging mysteriously stopping before you reach a full charge, and your phone switching spontaneously from ‘charging’ to ‘not charging’. 


iPhone X Speaker & Microphone Repair

Having a functioning microphone and speakers is the most basic purpose of an iPhone, since these tools are what you use to talk to friends, family, and coworkers. Your microphone and speakers can become damaged under impact, because of crumbs becoming lodged within the inner workings of the phone, water damage, or simply from over-use. Stacky audio, cutting in and out, being unable to hear even when your volume is all the way up, and other audio issues are all good indicators your microphone or speakers need repair.

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Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

Your iPhone is where you do your work, where you talk to your family, where you reconnect with friends, and where you learn your news of the day. Your iPhone plays a major role in your life, so when it breaks or suddenly stops working, it can throw your whole day off track. Fix ‘N Repair understands the importance of having your iPhone on hand, and understands the stress that comes from being without your most trusted device.


Because of this, we go the extra mile to make sure that our customers have the best, most reliable experiences, ensuring they feel comfortable coming back time and time again for our high-quality services.

We Repair Before You Pay

Too many corporate repair shops demand payment upfront. We don’t operate that way at Fix ‘N Repair. You won’t have to pay anything until you get your device back from us. We make sure everything is in working order before we take your money.

Technical Warranty

We know our techs are the best in the business; that said, we also know that mistakes happen or things are overlooked. That is why we offer  technical warranty to cover any issues after your initial repair. 

That means that you can bring your iPhone SE  back to us if you are still experiencing issues. Warranty does not cover any physical or water damage incurred on your device. 

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