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Laptop Repair Service

Fix ‘N Repair can repair any kind of laptop computer. We have extensive experience in computer repair and have been fixing laptops for years. Laptops are cheap nowadays, so it’s easy to think that buying a new one is the solution. However, in most cases, we can save your money by fixing a laptop or upgrading it to make it much faster than a brand new one. These are some of our laptop services that can help you save money.

Slow Laptops

If your laptop has been slowing down for a while, it might be tempting to get a brand-new model, especially since laptop prices are so low. You might be surprised to learn that cheap laptops are generally slow and might even be as slow as your old ones. By upgrading your current laptop, you can often have a faster machine than a new one.

Laptop Screen Repair

Does your laptop screen flicker or is just dark? Does it start but then stay black? We see this every day. We carry the biggest range of laptop screens in stock, so we can generally fix your laptop while you wait. For Apple MacBooks, we are considerably cheaper than going to Apple directly.

Laptop Power Problems

Your laptop’s power socket is called the DC Jack. We can replace your DC Jack if it has broken. In faulty DC Jacks, your laptop will only work on battery power and won’t charge, or it will feel wobbly and degrade over time. The power cord needs to be wiggled to make it come on. The DC Jack likely needs to be replaced since every time you wiggle the connector, you risk breaking it and sending an electrical surge into the laptop, which could cause data loss.

Liquid Damage

Most people now eat and drink while using their laptops, so it is not uncommon for liquids to spill on computers. If this happens, pull out the battery & power cord first. If the laptop has water inside, turn it upside down so the liquid can hopefully drain out of the keyboard. When it is dry, you can turn the laptop back on and it will be fine. Any liquid other than water, especially alcohol, or sugary beverages should be taken to a specialist as soon as possible. As it dries, the sugar will corrode the laptop’s components.

We can help you recover your laptop’s data as well as a strip down the laptop, clean individual components, and restore your laptop to life. Usually, you can get your laptop to work again without having to replace any parts. Sometimes, you might have to replace the keyboard. In the worst-case scenario, the motherboard must be replaced.

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Are your keys missing? Did water (or wine) spill on your laptop and now they aren’t working? Are your keys falling off? It may be time to replace your keyboard. We can replace the keyboard of nearly any laptop brand, including Apple MacBooks.


Do your laptops run for 20-30 minutes before they shut down abruptly? Does the bottom of the computer get very hot? Laptop temperatures rise quickly when they get too warm and the fans become clogged with dust, failing to operate properly.

Having a hot laptop can cause irreparable damage to the chips inside and data loss. We can clean the fans so air can flow freely through the laptop again, and we can also refresh the thermal compound on the chips. Thermal Compound keeps the chips cool so they can work at full capacity.

cracked laptop screen repair boston

Screen Replacement

If you have a broken screen on your laptop, we can easily fix it for you.We will pick up your laptop at scheduled time and drop it off the following day. it might take us up to a week to get the part for specific models though. Fill in the form to get started

Touch Pad Replacement

Cursor jumping around on you? Can’t get the touch pad to move the way you want it? Give us a call for a an estimate.

Battery Replacement

Replacing your macbook battery is easier than you think. Let us handle all the work and you enjoy quality of our job. Fill the form to get started.

Keyboard Replacement

You spilled the coffee on keyboard or you just dropped it and the keyboard stopped responding? Whether you have macbook, Hp or any other model, no matter what, we can fix ‘n repair!