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Fixing Macbook Screen

Do you require Macbook repair services in Boston, MA? Fix ‘N Repair offers a wide variety of services to restore your Mac device to perfect working condition. Using the broad inventory of repair parts in our store, our technicians are always ready to service your Mac electronics. When you bring your Mac device to Fix ‘N Repair, you can be sure your device will be handled by the best technicians in the area.

Macbook Screen Replacement Service

Given its cutting-edge performance, it is not surprising that your MacBook is one of your most prized possessions. In spite of how impressive your MacBook may be, you may still encounter problems from time to time, such as Macbook Screen Replacement or Macbook Screen Repair. The experts at Fix ‘N Repair are readily available to assist you with all generations of MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro 2016, the MacBook Pro 2015, and the MacBook Pro 2014. Please contact us and we will return your MacBook to working order quickly.

Apple Macbook Keyboard Repair Service

Do not worry if you find that the keyboard of your MacBook is giving you hard time while you are using it. If you require Macbook Keyboard Replacement or Repair, contact Fix ‘N Repair professionals. Fix ‘N Repair Tech has experience servicing Macs, whether the keyboard needs to be replaced or the charging dock needs to be repaired. No matter what, we can Fix ‘N Repair!

Macbook Charging Dock Repair Service

Do you experience difficulties charging your Apple Mac? After attempting several charging cables, you discover that your Macbook is not charging. If your Apple Macbook is not charging properly, do not be upset. Fix ‘N Repair Tech specializes in fixing Macbook Charging Docks. Contact us now!

Why You Should Choose Fix 'N Repair?

You can certainly bring your iPad back to the Apple store for repairs, but even if you bought the extra insurance, you can end up leaving having spent quite a lot more than you initially expected to. Big box retailers and major electronics repair companies charge an arm and a leg for their services, and they are able to do so because their customers don’t realize that there are better options out there. 


Pick-Up& Drop-Off

At Fix ‘N Repair, our goal is always to make our services as accessible to our customers as possible. Sometimes, your iPad fails you when you are far from your nearest electronics store, or on a day when you had wanted to stay home and relax while binging your favorite reality TV series! 


 Electronics always seem to break at the least convenient times, which is why we are so focused on making repairing them convenient for our customers.

Fix ‘N Repair is the best choice if your iPad breaks, your charger stops working, or your battery goes dead. We mean it when we say that we bring the services to you. Seriously. Our team of expert technicians come directly to you to pick up your broken iPad.

Upon our arrival, we pick-up your broken iPad and bring them to our lab, where our technicians have everything they need for even complex repairs. Some repairs, such as screen replacement, can be completed in less than an hour. 


Not only do we come to you to perform repairs and complete them within a few short hours, but we also do so for no extra charge. Our customers pay for the repairs we do, not for the pick-up or delivery of their electronics, so there is no need to worry about hidden delivery fees being tacked on to the end of your bill.

Same Day Delivery

Part of why we bring our services to our clients (instead of our clients coming to our services) is because it ensures we are able to offer same-day turnarounds and delivery. When you visit big-box retailers or electronics repair businesses, it can take anywhere from a few days to multiple weeks for your electronics to be serviced and returned to you. With Fix ‘N Repair, not only do you not have to drop anything off or pick anything up, but you also don’t have to worry about long wait times for your items. 

Our team of techs complete repairs in just a few hours in our mobile service cars so our customers never have to wait for their electronics or worry about making it to the store on-time to pick them up. The day we pick up your iPad is the day we drop it off fully repaired, and we do so without costing you an arm and a leg. 

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