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Where can i sell my phone?

We recommend that you use a trade-in site such as Fix ‘N Repair. For a slightly lower payout, trade-in websites utilize their volume discounts and industry knowledge to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience.


Fix ‘N Repair Tech provides you with information on the value of your device. Upon agreement on a price, we will come to pick it up from you.


Additionally, you can sell your iPhone directly to your carrier or to Apple. It is generally associated with the lowest payouts and is often presented as a gift card. Occasionally, carriers will run promotional offers, usually if you switch carriers. When the conditions are right, they can lead to a high return on investment for your device.


Most older iPhones, particularly non-functional ones, are not very valuable and can be recycled. The recycling of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner helps to prevent toxic pollutants, such as lead, from entering the environment.