Top Tips to Help Your iPhone Last Longer

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Today’s cell phones have more features and capabilities than we ever could have imagined 20 years ago. The devices in our pockets have replaced numerous items that used to be necessary, such as alarm clocks, watches, calendars, and calculators. With a few taps on your iPhone screen, you can effortlessly contact friends, pay bills, shop for groceries, watch your favorite shows, or listen to music without missing a beat.

However, despite the countless benefits that modern iPhones provide, there’s one major flaw: their extreme fragility. No matter how well you take care of your phone, they simply aren’t built to last, so you’ll likely experience slow performance and increased glitches as time goes on. To get the most out of your iPhone, here are the top 5 tips to prevent damage and keep your device working efficiently:

5. Change your email notification settings.

Most people have their phone set up for push notifications, which means that they’re alerted as soon as an email arrives in their inbox. To save battery life, you can change this setting to fetch emails at predetermined time intervals instead of allowing your phone to constantly monitor for incoming messages. Simply follow these steps to change your settings:

  • Go into Settings.
  • Select Accounts & Passwords.
  • Tap on Fetch New Data.
  • Switch to either Fetch or Manual notifications. 

4. Check which apps can access your location.

Limiting the number of apps that can determine your location can be beneficial for privacy reasons as well as your phone’s battery life. For some apps, you may have up to 4 choices when you toggle your Location Services: 1) Never, 2) Ask Next Time, 3) While Using The App, and 4) Always. In most cases, you can enjoy full functionality by only allowing location services while you’re using the app.

3. Prevent overheating.

Heat is an extreme battery killer, so it’s important to keep your phone cool on hot summer days and watch for overheating while charging your device. Unlike extreme cold, heat can cause permanent damage to your phone’s battery, even changing its internal structure!

2. Invest in a good case.

Your current iPhone case may look sleek and pretty, but if it doesn’t have decent screen clearance, it won’t do much to protect your device from damage. Screen clearance refers to the casing around your phone screen; good screen clearance means that the screen itself will not hit the ground if it’s dropped face-down (the Otterbox case is a popular example).

1. Get help from a pro. 

If your phone screen is damaged or your iPhone isn’t holding a charge, you can easily book an appointment with a Fix ‘N Repair technician who will come directly to you and fix your device on the spot. Instead of wasting time and money looking for a new phone, our technicians will have your phone looking and feeling brand-new in just 30 minutes. Check out our full range of services by clicking here!